• Sam K

Top 4 Uses of Shea Butter

Updated: Mar 31

Shea butter is a popular ingredient which is used in many different products these days, such as skin products and hair products. This ingredient has been used for many years by people in Africa as a food source and cosmetic product. Coming from a tree called the Shea Karite, it is widely known because of it healing and moisturizing properties. Scientists have discovered the amazing benefits of shea butter and found that it can be used for a variety of problems. Here are the 4 most popular uses of this ingredient in our every day lives.

1. Treat Dry Skin Shea butter is known to have the ability to moisturize any type of skin. It is particularly good for people with dry or flaky skin because it helps moisturize and renew your skin cells to make it look younger and smoother. To do this, apply some on your skin after taking a shower and leave it on. Unlike other product, you will find that it is quickly absorbed into your skin, giving you almost immediate results.

2. Treat Acne Shea butter also has a soothing and healing property which is good in treating acne. Because skin irritation is part of the reason of acne, this ingredient soothes the skin to prevent the inflammation. Although you may think that it is oily, it can actually help improve the skin tone and clear blemishes if used correctly. The vitamins contained in this ingredient helps clear the pores and remove excessive oil on your face. Using it with African black soap often yields even better results.

3. Stretch Mark Cream Stretch marks are often a problem among pregnant women. Shea butter is used in many stretch mark creams as a major ingredient because it helps retain skin elasticity. To use it, women often rub this butter on their belly to prevent stretch marks and also to reduce existing marks. This is one of the most effective products to get rid of stretch marks because the fatty acids help in providing nutrients to the skin to maintain its elasticity.

4. Hair Moisturizer One of the popular uses of shea butte