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Beauty Product: shea butter cream body
Shea butter body cream: shea butter cream body
shea butter cream for body

Shea Butter Cream for Body


Growing up, we loved our Nigerian culture and all the natural ingredients my parents used within our home. From camwood, shea butter, ndun, pepper fruit, etc. This helped us to stay grounded in our culture while also embracing the western society. My father particularly was very “Nigerian”, coming from humble begginings, harped on the need to always embrace our culture/community back in Nigeria while also giving back.
My siblings and I would often be teased because of our African food, shiny faces( we were lathered with oils and butters from the Motherland) but my daddy would tell us to embrace the fact that you are unique, he would say take the good, the bad and the unpolished of both cultures and become the best version of yourself.
With this up bringing it led me to create Merlyn Essentials. A lifestyle brand that offers products made from natural ingredients originally from Nigeria and other African countries. Our brand takes traditional remedies and beauty fixes, mixed with modern day knowledge and processes to offer an authentic “Piece of Africa to the World.” While doing this we provide fair-trade to the local and indigent farmers and processors of where we collect our core ingredients, employ and train women in the local communities and ecourage environmentally friendly processing that sustains the community.

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